1. SPARRSO has been applying peacefully space and remote sensing technology, in the field of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Geology, Cartography, Water Resources, Land use, Weather, Environment, Geography, Oceanography, Science, Education, science based Knowledge and other related space research areas. It also perform research activities for developing this technology and its practical application.

2. Provides necessary information and disseminates research results to the Government and different relevant user agencies.

3. It provides the Government about the development of space and remote sensing technology of different countries and gives advice for formulation of national policy to the Government.

4. Conducts training, technical research, survey and monitor on space and remote sensing technology and cooperates national or international organization or institutes in the relevant matter.

5. Framing development project to perform research activities on space and remote sensing technology and implement it taking prior approval from the Government.

6. Take any measures regarding the above mentioned work at any time as it feels necessary.