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National Flood Monitoring System (NFMSRG) BASED on remote sensing techniques.


 Introduction: Water Resources Division of SPARRSOhas been carrying out research works under the five-yearplan (2011 – 2015) for its research and operational work to establish a system for monitoring flood in the country. The ultimate objective of this research is todevelop and establish national system for monitoring flood operationally in Bangladesh based on remote sensing and GIS.

 Strategy for development of the NFMS: The NFMS is being developed in phases based on the following strategy: functional design of the NFMS, research work for development and then put into operation the NFMS. The NFMS is designed to concentrate on the four thematic areas: flood area, population affected, flood damage and flood early warning. The NFMS is designed to provide information based on its grade given in table below. Research work on each thematic area establishes RS/GIS based methods and operational procedures for extraction of information in the thematic areas.

Table: Gradation of the NFMS




Flood area

Flood map (with district/upazila based statistics) showing only gross flood area.

G -1

Flood map (with district/upazila based statistics) showing perennial  and extended flood area

G -1A


G-1A + Upazila based population affected

G -2

G-2 + Union based population affected

G -2A


G-2A + District based Aman damage

G -3

G -3 + Upazila based Aman damage

G -3A



Early warning

G -3Z + Early warning with 3 day lead time

G -4






Outputs: The research work will develop and put into operation a flood monitoring system in the country. The system will provide report on flood situation in the country as per following schedule:


Flood Extent

Frequency of Reporting

Duration of



Normal Flooding



Report contents depend on  the availability of remote sensing data

Zonal Flooding


Event based

Nation-wide Flooding


Event based


Present status of the system:The NFMS is now being operated at grade G-1. Research work is going-on to improve the system at grade G-1A.


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